floor sanding kildare

Wood Floor Sanding Project, Kildare

Eduardo had doubts about getting his floors sanded but, after some convincing he trusted us to get the job done. He really didn’t believe his wood floor could look brand new again without actually purchasing a new floor entirely. We’re are proud to say we exceeded his expectations of what we could do, and he really captured his excitement in his brilliantly written Google review.

floor sanding kildare

Eduardo is a history teacher in a secondary school in Clane, county Kildare. He also is aspiring to be a writer if you can’t already tell from his review. He couldn’t just leave a simple one liner saying thanks, so he decided he wanted to at least try one up all other reviews written to date. We joked about this as we left his house after the job came to an end and found it quite funny to read his wonderful story of a review.

Eduardo first contacted us to get a quote the installation of a laminate floor. His parents recently purchased a brand-new laminate floor and he was sold after first seeing it. The main reason he wanted a laminate install was because he knew it would be cheaper to install than a new wood floor.

Only when our flooring expert came out to quote Eduardo’s floor did he even first here of the suggestion to sand and varnish his current wood floor. He wasn’t completely convinced on how reliable floor sanding was until we asked him simply to search “Floor Sanding Kildare” into Google. Our website was one of the first to show up and after a quick run through our previous work he had made up his mind. He wanted his floor sanded and topped off with a clear varnish for a natural finish.

We actually had some space open up right before he called, and we were actually able to start within a week. This was another factor we feel influenced Eduardo’s decision. We also assured him we would be quiet enough that he could concentrate on writing his novel upstairs with earphones on and won’t hear a thing. The whole crew got on great with Eduardo and he assured us he would give us a call next year for his upstairs bedrooms. We at RH Wood Floors wish him all the best and hope he gets far with his novel.

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